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I'm new here - what do I need?

We love newbies! If you've never done Pilates before: WELCOME! We're so excited for you to join the pilates club! We recommend choosing one of our basics or beginner classes to start off.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. There is a changing room and a safe place to store your belongings however there are no shower facilities.

Please respect our other visitors. Be punctual as lateness can disturb the rest of the class for others and late arrival may result in refusal of entry (with no refund)

You will need to wear comfortable workout clothes, a bottle of water and socks.

All mats, sweat towels, and equipment are provided, however, if you prefer to bring your own yoga mat you are welcome to do so.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that things get a bit chaotic sometimes, however, if you find yourself having to cancel within a 12-hour period, we would kindly ask you to remove yourself from the class list via Bsports in order to free up a spot for those on the waiting list (the hype is real y'all!) 

If you cancel before the 12-hour window, your class credit will still be valid, and you can book another class at your convenience. However, if you cancel within the 12-hour cancellation period, your class credit will be forfeited, and the session will be charged.

Class cancellation due to personal wishes or change of mind will not be refunded. Please be mindful of the policy to allow those on the waitlist a chance to book!

Classes canceled by us will refund your credit to be used for another class. 

Please note that cancellations made via social media will not be taken into consideration.

Is barre a suitable exercise for everyone? 

Yes! Barre is a great workout for people of all ages and is open to all fitness levels. The studio must be made aware of any illness, injury or pregnancy beforehand and you must be cleared by a doctor. If you suffer from any chronic pain, experience discomfort in certain positions, let the class instructor know so they can offer modifications in class. Barre is a completely safe pre-natal activity. If you are pregnant, just let the instructor know so they can show you how to modify certain moves and positions to ensure your and your baby’s safety. (Please take note of specific pregnancy-friendly classes!) 

Barre is also a great post-natal exercise to get you back in shape; you must be cleared by your doctor and let the instructor know.


I'm pregnant / I've just had a baby. Can I still join?

It's important to note that pregnant women who are over 20 weeks pregnant are generally advised to avoid certain exercises due to potential discomfort and safety concerns. Please note if you are in your second or third trimester it is not permitted to join regular classes unless prior arrangements have been made with your instructor. 

Please note, that you must be at least 12 weeks post-partum and in possession of a doctor's clearance to be able to join regular classes again. It is important to let your instructor know beforehand so that any adjustments can be made note of beforehand. 


If you are unsure, always consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that Pilates is appropriate for your individual needs and circumstances.


What are the studio rules?

You must arrive 10 minutes before class starts! If you need to change, there are changing rooms provided. If you are a newbie, please let us know at check-in so you have time to tell us about any important health information. Once the class has started, late arrival is not permitted and no refunds will be issued. Leaving the class before the end is not advised for your own safety. If you have an urgent matter please tell the instructor before class starts.


Racism, sexism, theft, and vandalism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. The Barre reserves the right to ban anyone who is disrespectful towards another member of our community or our staff.

Are the classes in English or German?

German, English, Spanish - we always try to adapt to whoever is there! However, our teachers are from all over the world and some may not be that fluent in German yet. Please be aware when booking classes in the teacher description. 

(aka: Expect mostly Denglisch!)


How do we find you?

We are located in Kurfürstenstaße 11G  

Please find the large gates (directly opposite the Tabacco shop) and walk through through and into the courtyard. We are in the back corner around to the right - just look for the sign!

Located one street down from Gardenfeldplatz we recommend coming via bike or foot (the parking crisis in Neustadt is a real struggle) 

Mainz Hauptbahnhof is approximately an 8 minute walk. 


Do you offer Gift Vouchers ?

Yes of course. for those already on the Bsport Site you can do so under Gift Vouchers. Follow the prompts to send your Gift Voucher via email! 

For those who are not a client of the Barre, please send an email to: and please make sure you include: 

  • your Name (who the voucher is from) 

  • who the voucher is for  

  • what class-pass you would like to gift eg. Single Class Pass or 5-class pass

  • For what occassion (birthday, graduation, christmas)  

  • Optional: a beautiful gift-wrapped Voucher (€5 surcharge for printing costs) 

Please allow 1 week processing time for all non-clients

Natural Beauty


Sehr persönliches und liebvoll eingerichtetes Studio mit Kursen, die nicht nur sportlich herausfordernd und spaßig sind, sondern auch auf den Einzelnen eingehen (Einschränkungen sowie Prävention). Thumbs up, happy place



Beste Klasse, um den Tag zu starten! Chilli ist eine super Trainerin, schaut auf jedes Detail und motiviert ab Minute eins - fast automatisch. Das Studio ist traumhaft 



This was one of the best workouts I've had in a while! The class felt personalised and well-structured. With Chilli's expert guidance, I felt muscles I didn't even know existed! Highly recommended! Super friendly atmosphere and tailored workout!

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