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We are so pleased to add Reformer Pilates to our weekly schedule. In an incredibly intimate setting with a class to suit every body and capablity, you can experience the deep burn reformer pilates is reknowned for: From beginner to advanced - find out what the craze is all about! 

the barre method 


Work hard play hard. Simple as that. We, at the barre, believe life is about balance. We’re young (or at least young at heart) and we have places to be, things to do, and cocktails to drink. The idea is simple. Come as you are. Sweat. Burn. Workout. And then reward yourself: Pasta. Wine. And don’t forget the sneaky 4 am Döner. The idea of diet and the same boring workout has been done to death and we wanted to shake up the idea that Pilates is only for fitness (or for rehab).

We promise to keep it real. Exclusive yet inclusive. Whoever you are, whatever level you are at, we want to welcome you and design something to make YOU feel incredible. Small intimate classes. One on one training. And no fads. Just good quality training based on Joseph Pilates’ traditional methods - just to way better music.

We have designed a gorgeous space where you WANT to work out - think of it like our clubhouse. We offer a range of classes to suit all types of busy people at different times during the week (as well as on the weekend). Classes are 50 mins, all stemming from classical pilates training. Add a bit of Ballet, maybe a HIIT workout here and there, throw on some amazing tunes and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an intense workout that leaves you feeling incredible (and possibly a bit sore the following day). 

We are proud to offer the first excluisve pilates mat, barre and reformer studio in Mainz and want to welcome you into this incredible comminuty of ours - so what are you waiting for?!

"‘You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.’"

- Joseph Pilates 

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the barre method classic barre class combines the best of both worlds. 25 mins at the barre and 25 mins on the mat. our signature class.

a sweaty little number, this one is sure to get your heart pumping. a low-impact approach to HIIT training that still gets a sweat on 


 a 50-minute mat pilates fusion class. an absolute favourite. this no-nonsese mat class will focus on resistance and control. slow isometric holds, lots of pulses and a few extra props to get your muscles firing!


with a focus on long, lean, legs, sculpted arms, and posture training - this isn't your average ballet class. 25 mins of ballet barre, followed up with pilates matwork and good stretch - sure to put a spring in your step!



We've teamed up with pilates legends Barre Body Australia to provide you the very best in getting you certified.

Want to know more? 

class schedule

Socks are required for class. All mats and equipment will be provided. 

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Cancellation is required at least 12 hours before your class starts in order to allow others on the waiting list a space.



Kurfürstenstraße 11G 

(im Hinterhof)

55118 Mainz



Tel: 0179 919 0982

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